Transition Painlessly

The transition process, step by step.


When you think about changing broker/dealers, you probably envision piles of paperwork and endless meetings. That’s about to change.


With Cadaret, Grant’s 30-plus years of experience, support services dedicated to making your transition stress-free, and a transition team at the ready, you won’t believe how easily everything falls into place.


Step 1: Let’s talk.

We’ll plan to quickly and efficiently move your accounts to Cadaret, Grant, and assign a transition director to be your primary contact throughout your move, so you’ll have a personal hotline for answers to any questions you might have along the way.


This step is your signal to tell your clients the news. Cadaret, Grant has professional literature you can send to clients to help them understand our relationship. Or you can just let them know you’re moving to a company that will help you maintain the incredible relationship they enjoy.


Step 2: Leave the heavy lifting to us.

Your dedicated transition director will guide you through the process of seamlessly transitioning your accounts efficiently. We can work directly with other companies to ensure you won’t spend hours battling automated customer service queues and organizing paperwork.


Step 3: Getting to know each other.

Your transition director will help you choose and implement your technology, coordinate training for your office assistants, and, in general, make sure that your relationship with Cadaret, Grant is everything you want it to be. We’ll put you in touch with all the right people to grow your business, forge new relationships at Cadaret, Grant, and take your practice to the next level.


Step 4: Welcome to the family.

There’s so much excitement at Cadaret, Grant. Through our Welcome New Representative program, you’ll hear about our first-class Top Advisors Conference, information-packed regional meetings, and cutting-edge technology platform: Cadaret, Grant Advantage.


Have questions about transition? Talk to Cadaret, Grant Recruiting at 800.288.8601.