Build Your Business

Discover broker/dealer support that builds your business.

Your job isn’t easy. You need to help your clients reach their financial goals, keep up with a growing spectrum of investment options, and comply with an ever-changing regulatory landscape — plus deal with all the day-to-day challenges of running a practice.


That’s why Cadaret, Grant is always looking for ways to help you build your business. From the trading desk to cashiering, from operations to compliance, we deliver the support you need, plus a broad scope of marketing activities and tools, including:


Top Advisors Conference

A premier event that introduces new sales ideas, product information, and networking in a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. Advisors must qualify with minimum gross commissions to attend.


Cadaret, Grant Advisor Forum

An annual advisor meeting where keynotes by industry experts combine with breakout sessions on vital topics. The agenda is driven by industry issues and advisor feedback.


MarketSight newsletter

A monthly publication packed with timely information, success stories, and department and sponsor news. This organic newsletter also includes top advisor standings and product updates.


Client tools

Everything from brochures and letters reviewed by FINRA to materials for planning events, plus our Client Education Center, which provides links to sites offering practice management resources and prospecting ideas.


Of course, what you see here barely scratches the surface. To learn more, contact us or call Cadaret, Grant Recruiting at 800.288.8601 for a confidential discussion.

Top Advisors Conference

Be recognized for your success.   We recognize and celebrate success. Each year, Cadaret, Grant’s top advisors gather for several days of luxurious accommodations, top-notch treatment, exciting activities — and a breath of relaxation.   In power-packed morning sessions with industry leaders, top advisors have a chance to talk about what’s working and industry trends. […]

Advisor Forum

Connect with the industry’s best resources.   Independent advisors recognize the Advisor Forum as an opportunity to grow personally and professionally through education and networking support. Advisors attend this annual (and optional) meeting to rejuvenate themselves and their practices. High-impact presentations from financial services industry leaders make it one of our most anticipated events. In […]

MarketSight newsletter

Our proprietary monthly newsletter, MarketSight, is produced by Cadaret, Grant experts, ensuring financial advisors get unbiased insight about the latest financial topics and issues. That includes business building strategies, practice management advice, tips from fellow advisors, and news from internal departments.   Even better, MarketSight is geared just for independent advisors. It cuts to the […]

Sales Support

Get the support you need and the service you want.   In today’s world, your broker/dealer needs to do more than clear your business – they need to help you build your business, as well. Cadaret, Grant offers the individualized support that advisors need to shift their practice into high gear. From national and regional […]

RIA Solutions

When you partner with Cadaret, Grant’s RIA, we minimize operational and regulatory burdens.   Cadaret, Grant staff oversees the management of account opening and maintenance procedures, including account transfers. We’ll also take care of billing and reconciliation. Unlike other platforms, we take the burden off the individual advisor – paperwork and processing are not the […]

Advisory Services

Flexible support for fee-based business.   Launched more than 20 years ago — and growing ever since — Cadaret, Grant Advisory Services manages over $3.4 billion through our sponsored asset management platform, and over $4.4 billion when third-party platforms are included.   The flexible structure of Advisory Services lets you service clients and offer products […]


Compliance is a top priority at Cadaret, Grant.   While we recognize that you have a way you like to do business and respect your individual style, we’ll help you adhere to regulation.   One way is by addressing issues on the corporate level. For you, this means less time struggling to understand complicated rules […]

Case Study

Experiencing true independence   Barbara’s father was a broker, himself. Knowing firsthand the day to day difficulties working in the markets entailed, he asked her not to follow his path. Obligingly, she majored in computer science and went to work “on the other side of the street,” she says, as a researcher and technical programmer […]