Advisory Services

Flexible support for fee-based business.


Launched more than 20 years ago — and growing ever since — Cadaret, Grant Advisory Services manages over $2.8 billion through our proprietary TIMS (The Investment Management System) platform, and over $3.6 billion when third-party platforms are included.


The flexible structure of Advisory Services lets you service clients and offer products as you see fit. Programs include:



Representative as “portfolio manager” program with a wide choice of no-load and load-waived mutual funds available on a discretionary basis. Individual securities within certain guidelines are also available on a non-discretionary basis.



Representative as “portfolio manager” program that offers advisors maximum control over a fee-based asset management program. Representatives control what type of portfolios to construct for their clients and have discretion on all investment choices.



Representative as “asset gatherer & relationship manager” with money management being provided by a third party, such SEI, Morningstar, Assetmark and Curian.


Consulting Services

Representative can provide financial guidance or a plan using approved software for an hourly or flat fee.


You want to develop relationships with your clients. Advisory Services is your dedicated team, handling all aspects of your fee-based services, including operations, marketing, and support.


Moreover, your calls won’t be bounced to different departments. The call to Advisory Services is the one and only call you need to make, giving you the time and energy to focus on the most important part of your day: growing your practice.


Black Diamond

In 2014, Cadaret, Grant partnered with Black Diamond to offer advisors a cutting edge technology platform for their advisory accounts.

Black Diamond is a Web-based portfolio management software enabling advisors to manage client’s investments, monitor portfolios with advisor reporting, and create modern, client friendly reports. Black Diamond serves two main functions for TIMS accounts, reporting and trade file creation.

Black Diamond functionality includes: