Case Study

Experiencing true independence.

Barbara’s father was a broker, himself. Knowing firsthand the day to day difficulties working in the markets entailed, he asked her not to follow his path. Obligingly, she majored in computer science and went to work “on the other side of the street,” she says, as a researcher and technical programmer at a major wirehouse.

As her career evolved in Manhattan, Barbara’s industry contacts grew. Before long, she was offered a position at a fledgling mutual fund as a lead researcher. She had barely begun when the market downturn of 1993 took hold. On a month-long trip to Israel with her husband, she came to the realization that the fund wouldn’t make it and she would have to begin a new path upon her return to the United States. The path came in the form of two additions to her family: her third and fourth sons.

Always active, Barbara knew she would return to the financial services industry. After a brief local search, she connected with a firm (one of Cadaret Grant’s foremost New York City-area branches) that was coincidentally looking to expand its staff. Before long Barbara was slowly but surely growing her client base, under the tutelage of one of Cadaret Grant’s Top Advisors and Hall of Fame members. “We are great together,” she says. “I work with clients on the intricacies of their investments, and he is an incredible marketer.”

Barbara has been one of Cadaret Grant’s Top Advisors for the past 15 years.

Today, the practice is enjoying the fruits of several years of labor. “It’s actually not about prospecting anymore,” Barbara says. “We are enjoying the honor of clients referring their friends and family members to us.”

Barbara says she wouldn’t change any step on her path to becoming a financial professional, because her background in research has become valuable to her clients who want to truly understand the decisions behind their investments. Since she joined her practice, her production has grown 500%. “I always tell my clients: I will educate you until you tell me to stop,” she says. “They appreciate the knowledge behind my recommendations.”

Barbara’s early career at a major wirehouse gives her a unique perspective about Cadaret Grant. “Cadaret Grant fits me perfectly. I worked at a major wirehouse, and this is different. The personal service — personal touch — they provide is what I need to offer my clients the very best service.”

Doug Ketterer

Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner

The vision and influence to advance an industry. Doug is passionate about the value of personal advice. He believes that customized solutions created by one advisor, working with one client, aren’t just the core of wealth management—but the key to its future. A well-known Wall Street thought leader with over 30 years in the industry, Doug is a sought-after source of ideas that elevate the advisor-client experience. With insight gained as a long-time Morgan Stanley executive, and a clear-eyed commitment to the principles he preaches, Doug is in the right place to lead Atria, its subsidiaries—and the advisors they serve—to a better future.