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Changing broker/dealers doesn’t have to hurt.


Is the thought of transitioning to a new broker/dealer holding you back? Are you worried about the legal hurdles? The paperwork? The disruption to your practice and clients?


At Cadaret, Grant, we’ve been guiding financial advisors through the transition process for more than 30 years. In that time, we’ve gained valuable insights into the science and the art of transition. The result is a strategy that’s customized to your needs.


We’ll help you structure the broker/dealer relationship that’s right for you. Choose the best technology for your needs. Inform your clients and gather the necessary documentation. And we’ll assign a transition team that will be with you every step of the way.


What you’ll find is that changing broker/dealers is easier than you think. More important, you’ll see that it’s a business-building opportunity — the perfect chance to reconnect with your clients, offer new services and products, and gather additional assets.


So if you’re ready to change broker/dealers, we’re ready to help. Contact us (Link to Learn about us: Contact us) or call Cadaret, Grant Recruiting at 800.288.8601 for a confidential discussion.

Transition Painlessly

The transition process, step by step.   When you think about changing broker/dealers, you probably envision piles of paperwork and endless meetings. That’s about to change.   With Cadaret, Grant’s 30-plus years of experience, support services dedicated to making your transition stress-free, and a transition team at the ready, you won’t believe how easily everything […]