11 Proven Reboot Ideas

Headshot of Brian Nelson

Brian Nelson, Head of Practice Management

October 2, 2021

The concept of a reboot, both personally and professionally, has worked its way into my conversations with so many financial professionals recently.

During each of these discussions, I keep track of the tactical ideas and actions you and your peers are taking. So many of these ideas are simple, actionable and worth sharing because of their impact on the overall success I’ve seen financial professionals achieve by embracing them.

Hit the Reboot Button

Here are 11 simple ideas you can put to work in your financial practice or wealth management today.

  1. Check your attitude daily and ensure you are embracing a growth mindset
  2. Ask a podcast host to be a guest speaker on a podcast episode
  3. Host a virtual seminar once each month for clients, members and prospects. Here are a few possible topics:
    • Year-end tax planning strategies
    • Busting the myths of Socially Responsible Investing
    • Searching for yield in a challenging rate environment
  4. Build a marketing and communication plan focused on client and member engagement
  5. Develop a short intro video (30-60 seconds) for your website that outlines the key differences of your practice or program and what you do for your clients or members
  6. Host a virtual client or member appreciation event
  7. Incorporate 25 daily JBC (just because calls) into your weekly rotation
  8. Develop a virtual beneficiary communication plan
  9. Reboot your website
  10. Reboot your value proposition
  11. Reboot your referral strategy


These concepts are simple but can go a long way in helping you reboot and drive growth in your financial practice or wealth management program.