CUSO Financial Achieves Robust Growth Through Credit Union Focus

Wealth Solutions Report

January 12, 2022

Credit Union-Dedicated IBD Explains Why Growth Opportunities Are Greater than Ever for Credit Union Wealth Management.

Fans of the cult classic “Highlander” movies love to quote the mantra: “There can be only one.”

In the credit union-focused independent broker-dealer space, there isonly one – and new recruits are flocking to it.

In the scant few days of this new year CUSO Financial Services, also known as CFS, has already announced two partnerships with the investment arms of credit unions – Cornerstone Investment & Retirement Services, part of Cornerstone Community Federal Credit Union, with over $570 million in assets and Eglin Wealth Management, a program of Eglin Federal Credit Union, with almost $2.8 billion in assets.

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