Strategic Partners

As an independent broker/dealer, a Cadaret, Grant Advisor can build strategic portfolios based on the specific needs of each individual client. We do not offer any proprietary products, so advisors are not pressured to sell specific funds or a family of funds. The wide array of investment vehicles available means they can choose to work with products best suited to meet your needs.


Over time, Cadaret, Grant has developed strong relationships with many of the top fund families in the financial services industry. First and foremost, we review the fund’s management team. When deciding which investment companies to partner with, we want to align with those that have a proven record of successfully managing investor money.


We view the experience and expertise of the portfolio management team as an important success factor. Other critical items that are monitored are long-term track record, shareholder fees and expenses, breadth of products offered within the fund family, wholesaler support for Cadaret, Grant Advisors, strategic marketing contacts to provide support at all levels, investor communication and resources, analyst contacts, frequent updates of information, and accurate disclosure information.


All of these items provide insight into how the portfolio managers will perform in the future, rather than strictly considering the past. This support ultimately allows Cadaret, Grant Advisors to stay informed about the products they are offering, which enables advisors to make the best possible recommendations to their clients based on their current situations.


Cadaret, Grant receives additional financial support from key Strategic Partners. Please view our Disclosures page.


Although relationships tend to evolve over time, Cadaret, Grant’s list of strategic mutual fund partners has remained almost unchanged since it was first developed. This consistency shows the care involved when choosing whom we partner with and the importance of long-term relationships. These fund families understand Cadaret, Grant’s investing philosophy as much as we understand theirs.