NetX360 is Pershing’s online brokerage platform. Core service is fee-waived for all Cadaret, Grant Representatives, and additional features are available.


  • View account balances and histories.
  • Enter orders for stocks, options, mutual funds, and fixed-income products in a simple, point-and-click environment.
  • Research the latest market data and news.
  • Use e-Document Suite TM to search, view, and print client account documents, including account statements, trade confirmations, and tax documents.

Doug Ketterer

Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner

The vision and influence to advance an industry. Doug is passionate about the value of personal advice. He believes that customized solutions created by one advisor, working with one client, aren’t just the core of wealth management—but the key to its future. A well-known Wall Street thought leader with over 30 years in the industry, Doug is a sought-after source of ideas that elevate the advisor-client experience. With insight gained as a long-time Morgan Stanley executive, and a clear-eyed commitment to the principles he preaches, Doug is in the right place to lead Atria, its subsidiaries—and the advisors they serve—to a better future.