Black Diamond

Black Diamond Reporting

Black Diamond, in conjunction with Cadaret, Grant’s TIMS platform, provides a robust Web-based portfolio management that includes client and advisor reporting for advisors to manage their TIMS business. Black Diamond portfolio management and reporting software is available to Cadaret, Grant advisors at no cost with TIMS fee-based accounts.

Black Diamond Rebalancer

Black Diamond’s Portfolio Rebalancer gives users the ability to identify imbalances in portfolios based on comparison to assigned targets. Rebalancer addresses these imbalances as part of an overall portfolio management and reporting strategy.


Black Diamond Investor Experience

Black Diamond’s Investor Experience is a powerful and flexible communication tool that multiples your interaction opportunities with clients; complementing face-to-face phone conversations when you’re not with them. Offer your clients everyday account access and the ability to receive their TIMS quarterly reports electronically through the Investor Experience.