Harness Technology

Cadaret, Grant Advantage: Make the leading edge your edge.

For advisors, office technology needs to be convenient, useful, and most importantly, build business. With that in mind, Cadaret, Grant has customized a technology platform that lets you do what you do best – help your clients meet and exceed their financial goals – without delay or distraction. Cadaret, Grant Advantage (our proprietary suite of customizable software) lets you use technology as much or as little as you want, with a full-time support desk that assists every step of the way. From one-on-one tutorials to individual office visits, we never let technology sidetrack you or your staff from the more important business of reaching out to clients and serving them better.

Cadaret, Grant Advantage

Cadaret, Grant Advantage: Make the leading edge your edge.   Cadaret, Grant Advantage is a dynamic, customizable suite of solutions that keeps you on the cutting edge of technology. It combines proprietary tools with carefully chosen third-party applications to provide you with powerful, timesaving capabilities.   Best of all, Cadaret, Grant Advantage is flexible. We’ll […]