Employee Testimonials

In our employees’ words…



“I joined Cadaret, Grant ten years ago, and since then I have truly advanced in my career. I met my best friend here, and we get to work together every day, enjoying what we do and making Cadaret, Grant better.”

-Kara Haggins, Marketing


Katie Richter

“Cadaret, Grant has all the benefits of a large-scale corporation, but the familiarity of a small-scale company.”

-Katie Jweid, Human Resources



“Cadaret, Grant has afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the industry and my career has evolved based on my interests and passions.”

-Diana Daly, Investment Solutions



“Other companies don’t offer the guidance and individualized leadership that Cadaret, Grant gives employees. We are expected to mentor our coworkers and help each other excel.”

-Andy Szymanowski, Information Technology



“Cadaret, Grant is about more than work. The people I interact with and what we accomplish give me a sense of pride at the end of the day – we are all contributing.”

-Jennifer Hayes, Operations